Corporate culinary teambuilding events.
The latest trend to hit corporate America is available right here in Ann Arbor! The dynamics of a culinary teambuilding event encapsulate the challenges of the real business world.

For example, think of a regular cross-functional team challenge in a business environment. A typical situation might require the team to win over and acquire new clients within a set timeframe from an industry that not all team member are familiar with.

We can directly translate this scenario into a culinary challenge exercise where the goal is to win over the client - the culinary panel of judges - within a set timeframe using all the available resources and skills of the team.

The main concepts that are learned through a culinary building exercise are:

  - Planning and delegation of responsibilities
  - Effective Communication
  - Problem Solving
  - Meeting deadlines
  - Reporting and result assessment

Typical task and schedule breakdown for a culinary teambuilding event:

30 minutes
– Brief orientation of the menu, food safety and outlining goals for the event.
- Brief Team Cooking Activity
- House Keeping & Kitchen Orientation
- Hygiene Awareness
- Task/activity Overview
- Uniform requirements
- Menu Handouts if applicable
- Team Organization-usually agreed upon in advance with the corporation.
- Team Tasks/Menu allocations
- Individual responsibilities allocated

1-1.5 hours

- Chef to discuss menu and demonstrate any specific tasks required
- Corporate Team begins the organization process and sets time lines.
- Corporate Team starts cooking process

While cooking, teams are encouraged to problem solve, share ideas with the other groups and receive as little instruction as possible from the supporting Chefs.

45 minutes

- Serve all items to dining area
- Enjoy “fruits of Team Labor”

Afterwards, teams meet and discuss what they have learned in the kitchen and share their insights about the team building process. A typical teambuilding event would usually take about 2-3 hours for a lunch and 3-4 hours for a full dinner. Alternately, your organization may choose to do a scaled down event with “small plates” and warm and cold appetizers that can be prepared in a shorter time frame.

Post Event: We follow up with the corporate organizer, providing a summary of the comments made by the team. We also include a set of recipe cards and event photos for each participant so everyone can try the recipes at home.

Typical Menu Items:

Option 1- Delicious small plates and appetizers
Seasonal gourmet dishes are created and served cocktail style - passed around piping hot from the oven or elegantly arranged from the cold prep areas.

- Filo Cups with Spiced Lamb, Mint and Feta
- Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Croquettes
- Mushrooms stuffed with Goat's cheese, spinach and bacon
- Thai chicken satay with a spicy peanut sauce
- Lemon chicken and snow peas on skewers
- Potatoes stuffed with feta, green olives and pine nuts
- Little Red Crostini
- Miniature quiche with olives, goat's cheese and sun dried tomatoes
- Miniature tartlets filled with walnuts, brie and grape salsa
- Cherry tomato, mozzarella, and Basil Skewers

Option 2- Dinner or Lunch Party
3 or 4 course lunch or dinner

- Warm goat's cheese salad with arugula, black olives and pine nuts served with balsamic and garlic vinaigrette.
- Carrot and parsnip soup with herbs de provence.
- Roasted rosemary garlic chicken with gratin dauphinoise
- Blackberry and fruit crumble served with freshly whipped cream

Option 3- Culinary challenge
The group is divided into teams and face a timed Iron-Chef style competition.
Depending on the level of challenge the organization wants to put on the team members, there can be a “mystery” basket of ingredients or preset known menu items to choose to cook from. Once the team members have completed their culinary creations, members then sit down to enjoy the meal they prepared while a panel of judges rates their creations.

Please contact us with your teambuilding requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for an unforgettable and very educational culinary event.

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